What to do to Eradicate Hunger in Africa

In African countries millions of poor people go to their beds hungry every day. The live has become more difficult for them, because they have no resources available to cater for their wellbeings. As a result, most of people ask themselves about what to do to eradicate hunger in Africa. Although aid agencies provides them with food, the level of hunger is still high and continues to develop year by year. The food security situation continues to deteriorate as the people have no sustainable machanised agricultural schemes.

I recommend that the only best and effective way of eradicating hunger in Africa is to promote a sustainable agricultural schemes. This means that the governments and aid agenies operating in African Countries should provides enough farming machines to poor people so that they can use them for farming purpose. Providing poor people with farming machines to cultivate big farms can help eradicate hunger and improve food security situation in the continent as a whole.

The other means of eradicating hunger in the continent is to educate people about the new approach to maintaining food security. Giving people technical and professional skills can also play an important role in maintaining and improving food security in the countries of african contenent. It has been found that lack of adequate and quality education such as technical and professional skills has contributed to the worsening situation in our continent. Most of people in Africa have not been able to go to school or educate their children due to ongoing poverty.

I would like to call on the rich countries to recommend the best way in which hunger or poverty can be eradicated in Africa.I think sharing my experience with the world can help me find a right answer to this question raised by hungry people in my home continent.

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