Portraits of Sustainable Agriculture Projects and Initiatives in Africa

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Good Morning Sir.

    Basis of Northern Bangladeshi fertilizer rcommendation for crops:

    Integrated organic and inorganic fertilization is needed to
    increase the yield ofcrops.Northern fertilizer policy
    is initiated based on the longterm experimental findings,
    practical experience and observations.Fertilizer
    recommendation for any crop is made depending on soil,
    plant analytical results, yield of crops.so, reach
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    Thanking You
    Kbd. Durlave Roy

  2. Andrew says:

    Interesting read. IMO, we should all do our part to keep our natural environment sustainable.

    Andrew of 1800PetMeds Blog

  3. I’m currently preparing to establish an sustainable agricultural organic fruit farm in Ethiopia, I have at least 500-600 seedlings/trees, and in financial difficulty, and I’m asking kindly for your assistance. I’m a British National, and now a resident of Ethiopia. My project is mainly about eliminating hunger and poverty, protecting the environment against climate change, desertification, degradation, deforestation, and preserving the unique ecosystem. I’m asking for referrals to other schemes that may suit me if I’m applying to the wrong people. Thanks
    George Maitland

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