Introduction to Africa Project 2020

It is high time to act on the urgent need to provide a Solution for Sustainable Agriculture in the African Continent where more than 60% of its people are living on less than a dollar per day. Africa Project 2020 was created in an effort to eradicate Hunger in the African Continent by 2020. The main focus of this project are:

  • To eradicate Hunger in Africa by aiding farmers directly
  • To educate farmers on Modern Farming
  • To boost Cash crop farming in Africa
  • To maximize Crop Yield in African Farms
  • To open more Markets for African Farmers to sell their products

These five (5) steps process; Eradicate Hunger, Modern Farming, Cash crop, Crop Yield, and Selling for Cash are the top priority of the Africa Project 2020. The topmost priority of Africa Project 2020 is to renew confidence on African Farmers, because more and more farmers are migrating to urban cities to earn a living and cater for their families back in the villages leaving the farms because of the absence of fertilizer, water, or seedlings to use in their farms.

Educating the Farmers on Modern Farming will include the Introduction of Biotechnology methods of farming, and the use of modern farming tools for sustainable farming. Nonetheless, Africa Project 2020 will be organizing Seminars for Farmers at different locations in Africa at different times to educate them on how to have a Sustainable Farming.

Africa Project 2020 will also launch a monthly newsletter “NOMA” to be distributed free around the world to inform the general public about the efforts being made by AP2020 in helping towards a Sustainable Agriculture in Africa.

You can Participate in AP2020 or give your own Donation which will be used to achieve our desirous aim of eradicating hunger in Africa by 2020.

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