Bush Burning, Deforestation, contributing to Food Crisis, Global Warming

By Seye Adeniyi

A professor of Forest Ecology and the president, a Nigerian Academy of Science, David U. Ukali, has again emphasised on the need for strict penaltive measures and enviromental law to be taken against the common practice or habit of bush burning, deforestation, desertification many of which are due to human activities in many parts of the country.  Speaking recently in Ibadan, Professor Ukali frowned seriously on those who takes delight in setting bush and forest ablaze just because they want to kill bush animals for their own commercial purpose and also warned people who invade game reserves, forest to fall trees and for some other reasons, adding that such people are not only enemy of progress, they are also sabotteurs and catalyst of global warming and climate change.  According to the chairman of the Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST), human beings are the major contributory factors to the climate change that has become our new reality. Our activities are inimical to the environment, our daily work and behaviour domestically, industrally and even agriculturally are threatening the stality of environment as well as balance of the ecosystem. We often burn bushes to farm, we practice agriculture without due regard to the environment (oil), we cut/fell trees down without knowing that we are altering the eco- system and nature. All these human activities are threatening the nature and at the end, we ourselves are to face the consequences and are to be blamed”, he said.

Speaking further, Professor Ukali said soil erosion, desertification, bush burning, ocean upsurge, deforestation, land degradation are daily increasing in the country with few people showing serious concern.

All aspects of our life are increasingly been affected by climate change which is one of the major consequences of all the above human abuses to the environment and nature. The effect of climate change now having terrible repercussions for our water resources and agricultural system. It is also having adverse effects on our agricultural sector and its yield. In fact, it is affecting all sectors of country’s economy; its dire effects are no less evident in the energy, industry, commerce and financial services sectors.

On what the country can do on time to avert the consequences of global warming and climate changes, the don said the on-going food crisis also have its root in climate change.

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